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of the debate over the debt and government programs include social security, medicare and medicaid. aarp saying social security and medicare should not be cut as part of the debate over the 16 trillion over all debt. we'll get your thoughts our phone lines are open at (202) 737-0001 and (202) 737-0002 for republicans if you're an independent. (202) 628-0205, 3382 i'm sorry. headlines on this sunday morning. flames of rage. israel shoots down hamas missiles and we'll have more on this late in the program and the calculating the cliff. cover of cq weekly. republicans are talking about higher taxes as the president presses issue. and then there's this story from the "washington post". headline. aarp flexes muscle in debt talks the lo big power house for older americans last year made a doctor make it a concession amid a national debate over where overhauling national security. the group said it was open the cuts in benefits. liberal groups that apposed changes was enormous and this time around as washington debates how to tame the debt, aarp is flat lay posed to any benefit reduction. rejection of
a little bit more at the top helps invest in job creation. aarp is doing a companion at on medicare, the medicare program, which we knew they would be doing. which is why we thought our special contribution was on taxes and jobs. >> the white house has indicated that based on the negotiation, they are prepared to use public support to pressure congress to come up with something. how closely are you all coordinating with the white house on these outreach efforts? >> very closely. we want to have the presidents back. it is amazing that he is the first president in our generation to stand for everybody paying their fair share. we think that is the right direction and leadership for the country, and so we are coordinating with how and where the best places are to do the education and mobilization. >> now this second campaign, will the president owe seiu and other organizations? >> we do not think about it like that. we think about it as more and more families are falling into poverty. far we have an obligation as a labor union to think about how do we do better for working people in thi
groups like big pharmaceutical, the u.s. chamber of commerce, ama and even the aarp should get into the room and be forced to make -- they go into a room and are forced to make requirements that are not in the benefit of the people. we do not have a public option, which would have allowed people to not have a mandate and to have a public insurance provider. it was because of these different pharmaceutical and lobbyist groups. everyone is taking money from them. we need to stop that. >> governor cain -- king? do you want to answer that question? >> we should keep the affordable care act. it is helping a lot of people. i have a young men in the office who is 23 years old and covered by his parents' insurance. he was born with a tumor in his brain, not cancerous. because of a pre-existing condition, the problem would not be able to get health care for the rest of his life. it is an accord step forward. i do not think it is the whole answer. it does not cut medicare benefits. it takes money from some providers and insurance companies under medicare and reallocate that money under t
] it is not money being taken out of medicare. aarp has made this clear. the plan is to take waste fraud out and strengthen medicare. keep in mind what senator brown is in favor of, is getting rid of a bill that helps seniors' right now pay for prescription drugs, closes the so called on a whole. 11,000 seniors here in massachusetts are getting help, paying for their prescription medications. there is a lot that the affordable care act does, and it brings down health care costs. also, investments at a lot of research. i am proud to be from massachusetts where most of the research is being done. this will be a big driver for the economy here in massachusetts and ultimately for saving health-care around the country. >> you have 30 seconds. >> thank you. the bottom line is any of the seniors that are listening in the crowd, you need to pay attention. it is two quarters of a trillion dollars that my opponent is supporting and i do not. to think you can cut that amount money and not have it affect your care and coverage is wrong. to think the federal government will dumb down what we did here in
do nothing, which is the glorious recommendation of the aarp and other senior groups, that in the year 2031, you will waddle up to the window and get a check for 25% less. who is goofy enough to let that happen? plenty of people. you have never heard a single question, what will you do with a $16 trillion debt? a question i thought was rather significant. >> the word fiscal cliff was never mentioned by candidates or one of the moderators in the debates. every day, we have a countdown. we already elected the guy. it has to be dealt with on its own level by its own party. it is not part of solving the deficit by hitting social security and hurting seniors. it sits by its side. finally, it seems to me and my goofy attitude about life around here, that the sad part -- when you have leaders of both parties throwing out, casting out into the water the bait that says, maybe it would help the democrats if we go off the cliff. the other side, maybe it will help the republicans if we go off the cliff. i will tell you, that is like betting your country. anybody who has that atti
, the older we get, the little more moderate we get. i found out that the aarp comes from a fairly liberal viewpoint. i started 60 plus association as a counter. we have about 7 million senior citizen activists. they have a 40 million. we're not trying to catch up, we are just trying to offer a an alternative viewpoint. we make it clear we come from and a conservative viewpoint. one major difference between us and the aarp -- they are selling a lot of products through the mail and we are selling a philosophy. host: our first call comes from paul from international falls, minn. on the line for democrats. caller: i would like to ask this gentleman -- i am sure he is talking the republican line. in doing so, he is saying that the $760 billion taken out of medicare was taken away from the seniors. he knows it was used to strengthen medicare and make it longer and give them a little bit better benefits. taking away from the insurance companies because it's from profits given to medicare. i would appreciate his answer on that. thank you. guest: yes, i am republican. i made no bones about that. i
-- treasure coast is getting hit with cuts, not because they are inefficient. >> i did speak to aarp, and they do not like the ryan plan. let's talk about the seniors. with the affordable care act, we have added eight years of life to the program. it is a step in the right direction. we need to make these baby steps to continue to improve it. the affordable care act was not perfect. no piece of legislation is perfect. let's focus on how to improve it going forward. >> a conversation that will continue on the other side of the break. back with more on the other side. back now with all congressional debate, covering parts of palm beach, 10 -- county and saint lucie county. your question for the covers the -- congressman. >> the paul ryan plan has an option to continue in the normal medicare plan. explain how that is possible given that we are talking about how much costs we are associated with the program that we need to cut. >> if you allow people to have the option of whether they want their own insurance plan, or a medicare plan, eventually it does end bending the cost curve. this c
of the reasons it happened is some of those resources went back to coverage, but aarp. i think -- >> rebalancing. >> i think the president's policies and were attacked on the point of distribution. whether romney made those attacks, i cannot speak to, but i think the president's coalition should get up. >> the attacks were in -- -- work. 60% of retirees voted for romney. the interesting question is on when you go into this, democrats are laying down cut sis in programs. >> i think this is an important question. the issues on health care and medicare expenditures, the president was very specific about beneficiaries. >> when you think about an older population that is still 80% white and a younger population that is still, how does this apply to the issue of fiscal consolidation? some people say it is a moral burden. paul ryan says we are going to leave it the way it is for all of you. >> it is more interesting than the specific transfer. it makes the mouth work. >> more sustainable today than it was -- it makes math work. >> more sustainable today than it was. >> there is far more interested in t
a discount. i found the big discount, aarp. i had gotten my card and this was the first chance to use it. i told my wife i saved us $14 and she remembered the thousand dollars we lost. she asked if i remembered to get the two cribs. so i called back and they said mr. senior citizen. and i told them i needed two cribs. >> if you think about the way we treat people who are move sboog this stage of life, 60's is the new 40's. at the same time if you go to my pharmacy they give you senior citizen discounts at 60. so 60 is the old 80 and at the same time the new 40. we heard a year or two ago about aging boomers reinteresting the work force and they described them as the walking dead. so every continue diction in terms, every kind of objection exi moron has been invoked to describe this level. at the same time confusion is there more broadly. this vast expansion in life expect ansi over the last 100 years in an amount that was equivalent to all the increases up to 1900. so this is a remarkable triumph and if you pick up the ed torle pages you hear about the gray tsunami. the age quake. it's as i
addressed issues of immigration, education, and other issues that concern us. >> the ceo of aarp. there are two things that are priorities for all americans, not just financial security and health security. you have heard the conversation about the middle-class, strengthening the middle class and keeping those who are poor from falling off of the cliff into deeper poverty. we have had a vibrant conversation around health-care, continuing social security, and having social security not really being considered it part of the discussion but to focus on how to strengthen social security for current and future generations. healthcare, a number of conversations associated making sure that medicaid and medicare are available. we will continue to have those conversations. the president has been focused on making sure the americans continue to have both the security on the health side and the financial side. >> thank you. good afternoon, everybody. i am the president and ceo of the leadership conference on civil and human rights. i was honored to attend a meeting today with the president
a discount on this room and i ran through the aa rates. finally i found a big discount. aarp. i had gotten my card and it was the first chance that i actually used it. i got off the phone and told my wife that i had saved as $14. she still remember the thousand dollars we were out from not going to australia and she asked me, had i remembered to get the two crips? i called the 18-year-old at the check-in desk back and i said this is mr. freedman. i just asked you about the senior citizen discount. that's me. can i have two crips? in that moment i realized i had entered confusing territory, what might be called the oxymoronic -- to remember that time in grade school when he learned about oxymorons in these contradictions in terms? if you think about the way we treat people who are living in the stage of life, like 60 is the new 40 and at the same time if you go to my pharmacy in berkeley on solano avenue, they give you senior citizens discounts. it's the old 80s and the same time the new 40 and we hear about the young and the old and the working retired. "newsweek" had a cover story about agin
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)